oppo A15s Photography Features and Capabilities

With the Oppo A15s, one can experience a revolution in their mobility. This device offers one ultimate user friendly interface that makes life much simpler. Moreover, the A15s features a unique dual camera system, a first for any smartphone. If you are interested to buy Oppo A15s, then you should know about the essential parameters that one should look for when buying such a smartphone.

Display Screen The smartphone comes with oppo a15s a large 5.5 inch display screen that offers users a bright display experience and a large amount of workspace. The pixel density of this unit is one of the highest in the Android ecosystem, giving users a fantastic viewing experience. Also, the battery life of the unit is one of the longest in the industry, giving users plenty of reasons to stick to it.

Camera The Oppo A15s has a unique rear camera set up that does not resemble any other smartphone. Users have a dual camera system where they can take unlimited pictures with a built in professional mode. This amazing feature also has its own fan following amongst the professionals. With the ability to take unlimited pictures and edit them instantly, the quality of the images taken is nothing short of impressive. The octa-core processor inside the Oppo A15s allows the user to shoot high resolution videos at the highest quality.

Storage Space The Oppo A15s has a large amount of storage space that can be used for multiple apps and various files. It has a powerful internal memory which is expandable, giving users ample opportunities to store data. Additionally, it has two gigabytes of RAM which can work as expected if one needs to play some heavy video or audio content. However, the lack of flash memory and the A series’s rather small size limit prevent it from competing with high end smartphones such as the iPhone and HTC Evo Shift.

Battery Life The Oppo A15s image is for illustration purpose only. The phone has a typical lifespan of around eight hours on average. In comparison, the iPhone 5s and the HTC Evo Shift’s battery life can last up to six hours and in many cases, even longer.

Camera The camera on the Oppo A15s is not as advanced compared to the iPhone5s and the HTC Evo Shift but it does come very close. It has a four mega pixel camera which is equipped with an auto-focus, image stabilization, low-light mode and a wide angle lens. For professional photographers and individuals who want to make videos while traveling, the low light mode will be very important. Meanwhile, the four mega-pixels camera on this phone will enable it to capture images at up to sixty frames per second. In addition to that, the front and rear cameras also have their own individual auto-focus capabilities.

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