As a Result of the Epidemic, Businesses in Suffolk Are Embracing Innovation; You Should, Too.

The previous 19 months have been difficult for businesses. Even while there has been support (the British Business Bank has made loans totaling £5 million available to small and medium-sized enterprises from the Mid Suffolk district council), business owners still need to be inventive if they want to remain profitable.

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It’s not like there aren’t any examples in the area, like Avi Kniznik, who used to be a wedding photographer. He decided not to be married anymore, so he went into the baking business and opened his shop, Bagel or Beigel, to widespread praise. There will be opportunities for locally owned and operated small enterprises after the pandemic, but you will need to be willing to take some risks.

Rebranding your company might be challenging, but every so often, a path will present itself for you to take. When Avi Kniznik first started baking baked products, he followed this procedure. He did not let the fact that the industry is not very novel in today’s digital age prevent him from succeeding. Instead, he and his family began selling them in the traditional manner, which entailed going door to door. When the store finally opened, the company already had a sizable following of loyal customers. Since June 2020, it has been consistently selling out each week.

Gareth Newman of Norfolk decided to choose a different path. His apparel company had an internet presence, which enabled it to capitalize on the additional time that individuals were devoting to their online activities. For example, internet-based enterprises had a 45 percent increase in their retail sales during that time period. However, Gareth did not rest on his laurels and instead made an investment in a warehouse in order to solidify the one hundred twenty percent growth that Blakely has achieved since 2010.

The ability of Bagel or Beigel and Blakely to bridge the gap between their in-person and online clients is one factor that contributed to the firms’ overall level of success. To compete with them, your company needs to establish a strong presence both in the communities in which it operates and on the internet where it does business.

Omnichannel marketing is a popular choice since it unites the various verticals by making certain that customers get the same experience regardless of the channel they utilize. Consider for a second the world of banking. Is there anything that you can’t do online that you can do in a physical branch, regardless of whether you bank with Santander or Barclays? The typical response is “no,” and this is because there are apps that allow you to swap accounts and pay off bills. Alternately, one should never, under any circumstances, discount the significance of a giveaway. As Brewdog discovered the hard way a year ago after they gave away a free drink to everyone who applied for it online, consumers enjoy winning free stuff, and they are willing to go to real stores in order to do so.

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These methods aren’t just being used by firms in the United Kingdom and throughout the world; local businesses in Suffolk are also finding success by utilizing them and incorporating them into their company plans. If you are willing to take a leap of faith, it is possible that you will be the next one.

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